The MIND is where the MAGIC happens.

What story does your reflection tell?


Hey darlings. My name is Cali and I’m a 41 year old, single mother of 4 incredible kids. You might want to cover your eyes and skip a little because I’m about to get absolutely vulnerable. There was a time when I had heavy, mirror drama. You know, post breastfeeding saggy boobs (x4), stretch marks for days, dark circles under the eyes, the LONG, droopy booty and a mustache most men would be jealous over. I made all of those things mean something about me. Things like:

  • No man would ever be attracted to this mess.

  • Breast implants will make me feel like a woman again.

  • J-Lo would be so disappointed with my backside.

  • Please Jesus, fix me.

  • I’ll never be THAT girl. I’m just not pretty enough.

What are you making your reflection mean?

I tried ALL the things: laser hair removal, breast augmentation, squats and a booty band, eye cream. You name it I tried it. And guess what? I still have to tweeze the stache everyday, which has now made an appearance on my chin. I’m getting my implants taken out because they are making me sick. My booty is still as LONG as summer days. And there are mornings I have dark circles under my eyes no matter how much cream I apply.

But finally I went mental (seriously and thankfully) and got to the root of all things. I found the solution to all of my messy, mirror drama and the answer was with me the WHOLE dang time: my mindset! I spent three years on a mission to learn and apply life changing tools and concepts to my own life. I’m over-the-moon excited to teach these invaluable tools so that you can also live your BEST life and fully show up in front of the mirror and deeply love what you see.

Upleveling your reflection will take you from:

  • Disgust to desire;

  • Fear to courage;

  • scarcity to abundance;

  • incomplete to complete; and

  • unloved to lovable

YOU are your greatest investment. I’ll coach you through it.


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