The MIND is where the MAGIC happens.

Single-parenting can feel exhausting…


If I had to go back to the beginning and change one thing as a single mom I would have hired a life coach. I allowed guilt to dictate how I parented. I stressed about everything I couldn’t control, which felt like everything. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to take care of my kids and that I was a failure. I didn’t trust myself or any decision I made. I became overwhelmed with the thought that I would be alone the rest of my life and that my one-sided perspective would fall short. I felt like a lost sheep and that my God had abandoned me.

Life seemed heavy and hopeless.

The good life was for those happily married. Success was out of reach for single mothers. I jumped on the struggle-bus.

But, I was wrong!

Life is beautiful! I’ve learned to dream again. I kicked guilt to the curb and replaced it with confidence and was able to parent from that platform instead. I dropped the idea that somehow I could control others and spent more time on what I had control over, like myself and only myself.

I decided to show up each day as the best version of myself, allowing failure to be a beautiful part of my parenting journey, which served not only me, but my kids.

The more I took the time to learn about myself the more I loved myself. I gave myself permission to laugh and cry, to do hard things, to be silly and goofy and to be human and feel ALL the feelings, even those that didn’t feel so good. I decided that I could be happy AND a single parent. I became my own best friend. I made the decision to always have my own back and I trusted myself completely, even in allowing the possibility that being in a healthy relationship was a viable option! The thought of being alone the rest of my life NEVER crosses my mind and I’m still single!

Most important to me is the sacred, personal relationship I have developed with my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ. I’ve learned that heaven is a state of mind and resides within me. The more I dial into the frequency that He works from the more His power is available to me. He is ALWAYS there.

Where do you start?

Right where you are!

With a coach that will hold space for you, that works from a platform of love and non-judgment and that has the tools and ability to teach you and equip you with the power that works in ANY aspect of your life.

Let’s get started.


Knowledge is Power



CHOOSE thoughts that EMPOWER.


God works on a HIGH frequency.  
RAISE yours to meet HIS.



DO the WORK. 




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